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Certification & Program Development in Salt Lake City, Utah

Knowledge Based Systems is your source for complete training and program development services for your company certification and instructional design demands. Contact us today to discuss your specific project.

An Expert in Instructional Design
During your consultation, we determine what your company needs and then work with you to design a best in class training program complete with courseware, online content, and testing where appropriate. You will receive a customized training plan that focuses on the specific needs of your employees. Our content design services include:

 • Hardware & Software Training  • Management Classes  • Customer Service

 • Customer Support

In-Depth Program Development
A tailored solution requires in-depth knowledge of a customers environment, goals, and existing practices. We design a comprehensive training program that provides effective and relevant learning path for your staff. Starting with an initial discovery followed by a gap analysis, we help you build a development roadmap for your team. We can design the program for you or develop the individual parts, including:

Computer - Program Development in Salt Lake City, UT
 • Class Agendas  • Course Material  • Online Content  • Exam Content  • Learning Paths

Complete Certification Development
This program is designed to build a certification program for your company. It includes the necessary steps to ensure your employees or customers know and understand your products. We work with you to build a certification outline and blueprint. We'll work with subject-matter experts for question creation. We'll even work to outside testing vendors on your behalf upon request.

Your company is in good hands when you choose Knowledge Based Systems of
Salt Lake City, Utah. We specialize in program and certification development.